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The Mule

The Mule (2018)

Brief Nudity

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Most ornery geezers spend their retirements taking naps between bouts of getting mad at the news. But Leo Sharp decided he'd rather spend his sunset years smuggling drugs across the border. His story was immortalized in a New York Times article, then became the basis for the crime drama The Mule (2018). Clint Eastwood stars as Earl Stone, a 90-year-old Korean war veteran whose life becomes a mess when his flower business fails. Desperate for cash he can give to his daughter, he becomes "El Tata" AKA "the grandfather," an infamous, Depends wearing but super dependable drug mule for the Mexican cartel. Things go great for a while since nobody suspects the old guy going 25 miles an hour is hauling kilos of cocaine. But when his boss Laton (Andy Garcia) is murdered, Earl goes rogue and disobeys the new cartel leader Gustavo (Clifton Collins Jr.). Suddenly the cartel leaders are after him, while DEA Agent Colin Bates (Bradley Cooper) is closing in, as well. Will gramps die of old age, end up in a shallow Mexican grave, or find himself in Federal prison? If being a mule meant getting as much latina ass as the old man does in this flick, we'd sign up tomorrow! Nicole M. Gomez wears her red bra and panties as she climbs on top of Earl, before Ashley V. Yanez walks into the room in her white bra and undies. Then, Ashley takes her top off and shows off her huge melons as she prepares to join the action. Those kickass honkers will make a Mule kick! The only kind of drugs Earl Stone needs to be smuggling are the little blue ones that would let him get rock hard for those hotties! Your dick will have you begging to traffic, since the women in The Mule will make you drool!