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Tapeworm (2019)

Brief Nudity

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Just when you thought the suburbs couldn't get more mundane...  We dare you to watch the suburbs of Winnipeg, Manitoba up in the great white north of Canada through the eyes of five different disenfranchised and depressed people whose lives loosely intersect as they all go through a crisis of daily life!  Tapeworm (2019) paints a pretty solid picture of the existence of five people who pretty much hate everything about their lives, hate everything about their surroundings, and the little escapism that they have around them seemingly gets robbed from them at every corner.  We follow a severe hypochondriac who is convinced he's dying (Adam Brooks), a failed stand-up comedian (Alex Ateah) trudging through open mic after open mic to empty rooms; a stoner couple (Sam SingerStephanie Berrington) who spend their entire relationship in a burned out stooper, banging each other on dirty old found mattresses by the river.  Lastly a loner (Milos Mitrovic) whose only escape is drawing a nice warm bath, stripping down, and taking a whole large pizza to the face while shampooing away the horrible day.  This film is definitely not something the board of tourism of Winnipeg is going to be promoting anytime soon, but we definitely do get to look at some sexy ladies along the way as Stephanie Berrington makes her Nude-Comer debut while riding her stoner significant other on a dirty mattress, and we also get to see down the juicy Julie Simpson's blouse after she drops a bunch of dishes at her diner.