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Jules of Light and Dark

Jules of Light and Dark (2018)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The title of the romantic drama Jules of Light and Dark (2018) refers to the highs and lows of life with Jules (Betsy Holt) a young woman perpetually in and out of rehab. The only thing Jules has going for her outside of drugs is her relationship with Maya (Tallie Medel), who is basically the only person helping keep her sane. When their relationship takes on new levels of co-dependency, the pair find themselves waking up on the side of the road with no memory of the previous night. A local roughneck named Freddy (Robert Longstreet) happens upon the pair and offers to get them assistance with their addiction issues. While Jules is obviously uninterested, Maya takes him up on the offer and it isn't long before Jules finds Maya drifting further away from her... into the arms of Freddy! Yowza! That's one love triangle we're glad we're not having to navigate! Before Freddy comes and breaks up their relationship, Betsy Holt and Tallie Medel have a skinsational sapphic makeout session that leads to Betsy ditching her top and revealing her breasts before they rope another person into their coupling! There's also more steamy sapphic action between Betsy and Hannah Weir, though it's sadly of the clothes-on variety, if you catch our drift! So if you find yourself happening upon a pair of destitute lesbians on the side of the road, maybe not dumping them in a rehab is the way to go, try angling for a threesome instead. Just an idea!