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The Misandrists

The Misandrists (2017)

Great Nudity!

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The Misandrists (2017) is a comedy about a boy who gets injured while walking in the woods. Two young women help him by hiding him in the basement of their school and nursing him back to health, but what they don't tell him is that this school is a front of their organization called The Female Liberation Army which prepares to do whatever it takes to overthrow the patriarchy. A school for girls is bound to have sexy women undressing and get dirty together. Kita Updike and Olivia Kundisch kiss a little, but Lo-Fi Cherry and Victoire Laly really make out. Those two end up undressing and Lo-Fi's top comes off while Victoire gets down to her bras. Sam Dye and Serenity Rosa also make out! Does this school just teach lessons in making out with your peers? If so, these girls get A's...well, actually...they look more like B's and C's to us. So does sexy Susanne Sachsse in her bra when she sits up in bed. Viva Ruiz takes off her nun’s habit and has her full breasts out. She and Susanne later kiss because even the "teachers" get in on the action. Cutie Caprice Crawford shows off plenty of cleavage, but the film's climax is next-level fantastic. There is even an orgy scene, but it gets interrupted by some propaganda. Boo! The orgy does continue with Serenity, Kita, Lo-Fi, Lina Bembe, and Olivia all touching each other and going naked. Lina even licks a bush in a nice closeup shot. A sweet strawberry gets rubbed on a bush and then eaten by Olivia Kundisch. Mmmm, we bet it has the sweetest flavor!