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The League of Superheroes

The League of Superheroes (2015)

Great Nudity!

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The League of Superheroes (2015) is an episodic film that follows 26 superheroes from around the world in this super fun and very sexy movie that was made in Germany. All of these characters are loosely based on real superheroes with their own hot twists. What we are trying to say is that there are super suck sacks in this film! Let us take a look at the eight - count 'em! - actresses who go nude in their heroic scenes. Nicolle-Mercedes Ordynowski plays Spider Warrior and Sea Mutherfucker (what a name) and she bare major boobage. Then we have Zhanna Schroder who plays Gorilla Master and she is the master of her mams. Biggi Bardot - no relation to the one and only Bardot - is Dirndl Girl who has her huge pink nipples out when she wears a little overall-type costume and Sabrina Kuck is Instant Girl. Both of those girls will make you instantly horny when you see their hooters! Then check out Anouze Schuster as Henti the Tentacle Loving Lady who lays back on the beach with a huge tentacle slithering up between her legs. Hey, that's giving us some ideas. Norma J. Jackson is Menstru Girl and her jugs are juicy. Saphyra Da Myra plays Doris and all iterations of Doris. She is topless but also wears a mustache in some scenes. Hey, who doesn't like a hairy girl with smooth breasts? and Mikym plays Dark Beauty who is truly the most beautiful babe in the movie due to her boobs AND bush being out. She takes everything off and twirls around to show her bouncy boobs and her smooth bush. That crotch could save the world! This League of superheroes is going to make you super hot and bothered for these sexpots.