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For this Russian born beauty, it was just a matter of time before she got out of her small town in Eastern Russia and made it as a professional hottie! Zhanna Schröder is an Eastern Europe enigma, and not just because we don't know much about her, it's because she's an exotic beauty that hails from a border town on the Chinese/Russia border WAY in the far east called Blagoveshchensk. Giving her a unique sexiness that is a mixture between the finest Russians out there with a twist of Chinese cutie in there as well! Zhanna works primarily as a model in Europe, having a few projects and magazines under her belt since re-locating to Hamburg, Germany. She comes our way with a Nude-Comer debut in a bizarre feature that introduces the audience to multiple bizarre and unheard of superheroes and super-villains in the comedic low-budget action flick The League of Superheroes (2015). Like multiple people in the flick, she plays several characters but makes a topless debut as the sidekick to "Electric Eel Woman", known as "Miss Moray". Unfortunately for the character, she gets her head squashed by an evil robot that they are taking on, but Zhanna Schröder manages to crowbar in some toplessness for just the briefest amount of screen time. She's a standout though in a movie that has more topless women than you can jiggle a boner at. Hopefully we get some more Zhanna coming to a theater near us sooner or later because she's an extra special kind of sexy!