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The Last House on the Left

The Last House on the Left (1972)

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Horror master Wes Craven’s proper directorial debut, not counting the skin flick Together (1971), was the ultra-shocking low budget revenge film The Last House on the Left (1972). Bolstered by its tagline of "Can a movie go too far?" the film's gritty, graphic violence caused all sorts of controversy, to the point of people calling for it to be banned from movie theaters. The cinematic scarefest starred Sandra Peabody as Mari Collingwood, a hippy who, along with her bestie Phyllis (Lucy Grantham) runs into a bunch of sadistic prison escapees while trying to buy pot. The fugitive psychos torture them and do the thing that rhymes with grape, before ultimately killing them both. Once the murders are done, the gang head to the last house on the left, only to find out it belongs to Mari's parents. What a coincidence. The problem is, Mari's mother Estelle (Eleanor Shaw) notices her missing daughter's necklace on one of the baddies, then investigates his bags and finds her daughter's clothing. Rightfully pissed off that these men killed their kid, the tables are turned and it's mom and dad's turn to do the torturing. And what grotesque deeds the convicts are capable of is nothing compared to mom's maiming abilities! At least Craven craftily sucks in the audience by casting young beauties Sandra Peabodyand Lucy Grantham as the innocent victims, providing some real beauty before the mayhem. Both girls show all three B's while being tortured, but Sandra has a shower scene if that one is too gross for you. That's one penis pleasing body on Miss Peabody! And if you prefer bad girls, sexy Jeramie Rain shows off some nip while gussying up for a busy day of perversion. Whether because of the graphic violence or the make you super horny hippy chicks, you won't last long watching The Last House on the Left!