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The Great Buddha+

The Great Buddha+ (2017)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


For late night security guard, Pickles (Crew Chuang), life at work is incredibly boring and for him and his buddy, Belly Bottom (Bamboo Chen), they need to get creative to not go crazy.  Both of them spend their evenings working at a bronze statue factory that pumps out Buddha statues during the day but at night these two hapless pervs keep the gates locked and secure.  The only problem is that they get bored so easily, so they have to fill their time with television, porno magazines that Belly Bottom finds in the trash, and eating snacks.  When these two come to work one evening, they find that the TV is busted and their actions over that evening lead them to having their lives changed forever.  After that fateful evening of these two having to figure out how to pass the time, they go from everything between talking to ghosts, hanging out with The Great Buddha+ himself, and bouncing between their own bizarre sexual misadventures along the way.  With the sarcastic overtones, we come to understand that everyone has secrets hiding under their skin, even if they are just simple pleasures.  Lucky for us though, the incredibly sexy J.C. Lei gives a guy a ride in the front seat of his car for our viewing pleasure and we get to see that left lobber of her wobbling about while his wife calls him nonstop on his cellphone.  You definitely don't need to do any praying to The Great Buddha+ in this one to flash back to the good old days of hot car sex with a busty asian girl because you're riding shotgun to some seriously sexy screen time!