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The Soul

The Soul (2021)

Great Nudity!

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The Soul (2021) is a Chinese film that is also known as Ji hun. This dramatic and mysterious sci-fi flick runs at an epic 125 minutes and it is packed to the gills with action in this Wei-Hao Cheng film. When a famous chairman dies tragically at his own home, criminal investigators put together a case to figure out what happened. The prosecutor Lian Wenchao works with his partner and wife A Bao to try to figure out exactly what happened. They find that there are crazy secrets in this case the more they dig down to figure out what happened. There are a lot of layers here in this film that was adapted from the popular Chinese novel called Transfer Soul by Jiang Bo. One crazy aspect of the case is that the deceased ex-wife of the dead man named Zhang Baijia had some interesting entanglements and those, ehem, entanglements might have brought down the man in question. She did a crazy ritual in which she sat down in the middle of a circle of candles and carved a pentagram into her chest which we get a better look at when we see a shot of her topless chest in crime scene photos. The gorgeous Anke Sun plays Li Yan who checks out her naked body in the mirror. We also get to check out her breasts and bush when she stands in front of her own mirror full frontal nude. Whether she is wearing her bra and panties or nothing at all, her sexiness is good for The Soul.