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Help Me, Eros

Help Me, Eros (2007)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Eels, drugs and betel nuts are all poor substitutes for real, human love in the erotic Taiwanese art flick Help Me, Eros (2003). Ever since he lost his fortune in the stock market, Ah Jie (Kang-sheng Lee) has spent his days holed up in his apartment smoking pot. In desperation, he calls a suicide hotline; on the other end of the phone is Chyi (Jane Liao), whose sweet, sexy voice belies a homely exterior and depressing home life. Still, Ah Jie falls in love with the voice, a love he begins to project on Shin (Ivy Yi), one of the "betel nut girls" who works downstairs from his apartment.

You'll want to entwine yourself with Ivy, who starts off working the pole clad in seductive stripper gear before taking things up a notch (or four) with an impressive standing 69 scene 39 minutes in and some bushy backburger lying in bed afterwards. That'll fill your quiver!