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The Dungeonmaster (1984)

Brief Nudity

The Dungeonmaster (1984), also known as Ragewar, is a low budget sci-fi flick about a computer whiz named Paul (Jeffrey Byron) who spends more time on his computer than he does with real people. Paul discovers that he has been selected to participate in a battle with an evil wizard named Mestema (Richard Moll, best known for playing Bull on Night Court), and after having his computer transformed into a wristband, he enters a world where he must do life or death battles with a series of monsters! Gina Calabrese plays a particularly challenging adversary who challenges this computer nerd with the ultimate nerd challenge: A naked woman! Gina goes fully nude, baring all as she seduces Paul into following her, and when he gets her on a bed, a group of monsters come and attack him! It looks like The Dungeonmaster has turned you into a DungeonMaster Bater!

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Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:02:21 Gina strips totally nude and seduces a guy into following her to a bed! Rocking all three b's, Gina then allows a group of monsters to kill her beau! (1 min 37 secs)


Gina Calabrese

Nude - as Girl in Dream

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