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The Dentist 2

The Dentist 2 (1998)

Brief Nudity

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In the toothy horror spoof The Dentist (1996), a nebbish mouth specialist is sent on a murderous rampage when he learns his wife has been pleasuring the pool boy. Director Brian Yuzna winds up his creation and starts it over again in The Dentist 2 (1998). Also known as The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself; D2: Without Novacaine; and The Dentist 2: You Know the Drill, the humorous horror flick has a number of actresses (Audra Wise, Gina-Raye Carter, Linda Hoffman, Mary Coleston, Susanne Wright, Wendy Robie) in its lineup. The R rated film also features a gruesomely similar storyline. Following his escape from prison, Dr. Alan Feinstone (Corbin Bernsen) assumes the name of Dr. Lawrence Caine so he can start all over again. Once he opens up a practice in a sleepy Midwest hamlet, it doesn’t take long before a romantic betrayal sends him on a second killing spree. As such, the bad doctor devises new dental tortures to foist on his prey. Even though this driller diller will make you want to steer clear of the dentist, Jamie Devers (Jillian McWhirter) could tempt you to open wide and say, “Ahhh!” This is especially true when the blonde babe disobeys her oral-obsessed husband by boffing a very lucky acquaintance. After peeling off her white lace brassiere, the skintastic Ms. McWhirter reveals her McRack. If that’s not arousing enough, the heated hump also showcases her McRump! Alas, Dr. Caine is watching. Maybe that’s why they say a dentist’s magazines are always super dirty!