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The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski (1998)

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It's just like, uh, our opinion man, but here at Skin Central we think The Big Lebowski (1998) was, is and forever will be, the magnum opus of Joel and Ethan Coen. A trippy take on film noir conventions with a smoky atmosphere, the comedy is a stoner's wet dream splayed out on celluloid. Jeff Bridges is Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski, a white Russian drinking, bowling loving, bathrobe wearing slacker who just happens to share the exact same name as a wealthy businessman. That leads to him getting beaten up by some bad dudes who mix up their Lebowskis. Upset that the thugs peed on his rug and looking for some financial restitution from the fella that should've been on the receiving end of the beatdown, he tracks down the rich Lebowski and ends up hired to deliver ransom money to save Lebowski's super young, super sexy, and super willing to trade a suck for a buck, trophy wife Bunny (Tara Reid). When his best bud Donny (John Goodman) tries to pull a switcheroo with the cash, The Dude ends up in deep trouble. If he's going to get himself out of it, he'll have to figure out who did the kidnapping and why. With so many sexy women in the movie, we wanted nudity, and like the dude, the flick abides. Mixed in with all the jokes within jokes within jokes, Julianne Moore shows some serious skin as her bra-filling talents overflow, with her flashing fluff and fanny in a long shot as she works on a "strongly vaginal" art piece. Tara Reid used a body double for her streaking scene, but it's all her in a bikini making you wonder what a thousand dollars is worth, adjusted for inflation a few decades later. Seeing that bod and hearing that offer to get blown will have you inflated below the belt. But the best nudity comes from XXX legend Asia Carrera who shows her cans in a porno Bunny stars in. Dude, there are some seriously sexy women in The Big Leboswki!