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The Beach Bum

The Beach Bum (2019)

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From Harmony Korine, the legendary weirdo who befuddled David Letterman while creating stuff like Gummo (1997) and Spring Breakers (2012) comes The Beach Bum (2019). A comedy about a beachy poet who smokes weed all day and hasn't released a book in years, the film is loaded with A listers like Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Martin Lawrence, Isla Fisher, Zac Efron and even the most legendary beach bum of all: the Margaritaville Man himself, Jimmy Buffett. McConaughey plays the stoner poet Moondog, who hangs around the Florida Keys as a local celebrity financially supported by his adulterous wife Minnie (Fisher). Their daughter (Stefanie LaVie Owen) is sick of her dad's lifestyle and gets super pissed off when he basically ruins her wedding. Minnie dies in a drunk driving accident after the nuptials, and her will states Moondog only gets his portion of the money when he finishes his book. Seeking inspiration, he ends up swimming with sharks, tracking down a legendary strain of weed that can only grow in Jamaica, and all sorts of other hijinks trying to kick his writer's block. Part of that search for a muse involves having all sorts of beach babes on his cock, because one sight of Moondog has the bitches around him in heat! Miss Fisher doesn't flash, but we do see her in a bikini and in her underwear when her robe blows up while she runs out to the ocean to greet her husband. While Isla doesn't show that much, London Seabreeze and Dvorah Marie both go topless while wearing only bikini bottoms on a boat. Let that breeze hit those big tittease! Sharon Pfeiffer plays a sexy older woman who suns her fun bags while getting it Moondoggy style in a kitchen. Andrea Bennetti and Jenny Ariza are hired girls who wear thongs and take out their ta-ta's lounging around a hot tub. All that fun in the sand will have you having some fun with your hand, because those ladies really know how to show off their Beach Bums!