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The Archer (2017)

No Nudity

(0:05) Victoria Grace Cox in tiny little shorts dancing around the motel room. Then lying on the bed with her legs hiked against the wall.
(0:07) Victoria Grace Cox begins kissing Bailey Noble in bed. Then she strips to her bra.
(0:18) Bailey Noble strips to her panties in the prison locker room. She then takes them off to put on a new pair. We come close to seeing bush but not quite.
(0:26) Bailey Noble in the shower. We see all the way down to just above her buns. Then a hint of right sideboob as she covers herself up against a wall after realizing that a guard is masturbating to her.
(0:43) Bailey Noble is in the shower. We see some bare shoulders then her shadow behind the curtain. Jeanine Mason strips off her top. We see the winged tattoo that hovers above her chest and then she gets into the shower and begins touching Bailey.
(1:04) Bailey Noble and Jeanine Mason begin making out.

Bailey Noble

Lauren Pierce

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