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Alien Opponent

Alien Opponent (2010)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Action
  • Directed by: Colin Theys
  • Rated: NR
  • Home Release: 04/03/2012
  • Theatrical Release: 08/05/2011
  • Country: USA
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The owners of a junkyard offer a reward to anyone who can take out the UFO trespassing on their property in Alien Opponent (2010). As the film opens, sexy gold-digger Megan (Ashley Bates) murders her junkyard baron husband Tom (Kevin Shea) to nab his insurance money. But  before she and her mother can cash in, a spacecraft crashes into their garage. So the pair takes to the airwaves to offer $100,000 to any person who can retrieve the body, and soon every yokel in the area has shown up to do battle with the ETs. Ashley Bates shows off her gold-digger glutes in a pair of tight panties as the greedy wife and Angela Relucio gets jiggly running from the alien in an overflowing bra. Plus, Adrienne LaValley shows off her toned (but bikini covered) bod playing a very flexible stripper. But with no nudity, Alien Opponent doesn’t exactly travel to our forbidden zone!