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Terror Train

Terror Train (1980)

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If you were a character traveling in a movie, it’s safe to assume you’d want to avoid boarding the Trans-Europ-Express (1966), the Silver Streak (1976), Runaway Train (1985), or the Train to Busan (2016). Of course, we can’t forget to warn against riding on the Terror Train (1980) — unless you’re into witnessing some boobage. Wait, if that’s the case, count Mr. Skin in! The R-rated slasher flick begins on New Year’s Eve. A Northern Illinois University frat is partying on a train. But after a prank traumatizes pledge Kenny Hampson (Derek MacKinnon), he’s sent to a psyche ward. Three years later, a masked maniac is determined to derail a group of comely co-eds who’ve booked a graduation gala aboard a private chartered train. Could the culprit be Kenny hellbent on teaching these darn kids a lesson? Can Alana Maxwell (Jamie Lee Curtis) stop the murderer before it’s too late? Sadly, Jamie doesn’t bring out her jumbo jubilees, but the aptly-named Pet (Joy Boushel) takes up the slack by dropping her top to reveal her twin torpedoes at the 49-minute mark. If that’s not titillating enough, Merry (Vanity, credited as D.D. Winters) flaunts her cleavage in a sexy getup. The movie also includes David Copperfield, Hart Bochner, and Nadia Rona’s rack! Even though she plays a cold corpse, Nadia shows off her hot ta-tas! It goes without saying that she’s drop dead gorgeous. Considering all of the flesh on board, Terror Train should put you on the fast track to getting off!