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Demon Rage

Demon Rage (1981)

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So Lana Wood didn't always land the same top-notch roles as those inhabited by her more famous elder sibling Natalie Wood, but with jamambo jugs like hers, who's complaining? In Demon Rage (1981), Lana plays Lisa, a sexually unfulfilled wife who soon finds solace in the arms of Satan (hence the alternate title of this flick, Satan's Mistress). Yes, the absolute moron of a man (Don Galloway) who is married to Lana has grown a bit distant, and isn't sexually satisfying her like he should be. Tag Mr. Skin in! Instead, when the family moves into a new house, there's a ghost man inside it, and eventually she starts boning it. This proves to be a terrible idea, since the figure, which becomes a handsome man (Kabir Bedi), isn't happy when Lisa's hubby catches on to what's happening and tries to put an end to it. Needless to say, the devil isn't going to let that happen, and the sex demon becomes a demonic killing machine soon enough. It's more believable that a demon comes to life to bone Lana Wood, than that a man would get tired of sticking his lumber in her. If you didn't catch her work as Plenty O'Toole in Diamonds Are Forever (1971), you'll most definitely agree with us when the devil, or the tall dark stranger, or whoever this ghostly S.O.B. is, pulls the bed covers off our heroine in one scene, giving us a nice, prolonged view of her massive mammaries and even a slight peek at her bush. The demon soon takes up residence not only in Lana's crotch, but in the ceramic tile of her shower, giving us another, even longer look at her nakedness while she showers. There are more titties as she runs on the beach, and then as she wakes up from a nightmare with her tits falling out of her nightie. She might not have been as famous as her sister, but Lana had us shooting semen like a demon with her work in Demon Rage!