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Sweet Sugar

Sweet Sugar (1972)

Great Nudity!

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The Archies were onto something when they hit the charts with the song “Sugar, Sugar” in 1969. Just a few years later, Sweet Sugar (1972) hit drive-ins. No doubt, the R-rated flick could be a cautionary tale warning gorgeous gals to stay away from drugs. Certainly sweet Sugar Bowman (Phyllis Davis) learns that lesson the hard way when the busty beauty is imprisoned on a trumped-up drug charge. After she agrees to work for two years on a sugarcane plantation instead of doing time in prison, the sexy brunette must doff her street clothes. Yes, the curvaceous babe is strip-searched before being sent to the all-girl showers where other equally-endowed women (including Ella Edwards and Pamela Collins) await her pretty presence. Of course, one thing leads to another and soon the incarcerated cuties are pulling at each other during a no-holes-barred catfight. Meow! Naturally, the natural knockout tries to escape this hell, but she’s captured and then whipped. Yet at long last, the lasses eventually riot and escape for real. But not before they reveal their naked assets! Throughout the course of the story, Ms. Davis flashes her spectacular rack! If that’s not arousing enough, the dark-haired doll will make a splash in your pants when she jumps into the ocean. The skintastic act showcases her bare breasts and butt! Not to be outdone, Sugar’s friend Fara (Jackie Giroux) joins her for a swim in the buff. Suffice it to say, watching these nude ingénues going skinny-dipping will give you a chubby!