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Stone Cold Dead

Stone Cold Dead (1979)

Great Nudity!

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It’s diminutive songwriter Paul Williams as you’ve never seen him before--specifically, as a superbad pimp working the mean streets of Canada. Colonel Sam Trautman from the Rambo series himself, Richard Crenna co-stars in Stone Cold Dead (1979), a thriller about a hardened cop trying to track down the psycho killer who’s knocking off the lovely ladies of Williams’ stable. This sleeper about a hooker shooting sharpshooter is based on a book with a much better title than Stone Cold Dead, Canadian novelist Hugh Garner's "The Sin Sniper." Despite its low budget it has plenty of style, and a pretty amazing cast. It even mixed real strippers and prostitutes into its production to provide some legitimacy to the whole thing, in case you were struggling to buy the guy who wrote and performed "The Rainbow Connection" as a Mack Daddy making his money via the world's oldest profession. But with all due respect to the real life ladies of the night, you just can't beat the bodies of the Hollywood stars on display throughout the film. Jennifer Dale and a very young, future legendary scream queen Linnea Quigley stand out as two sexy victims who’ll make your crotch turn Stone Hot Hard. Dale plays a stripper, jiggling her jugs all over the stage and bending over to show her thong, while Quigley meets her maker during a sexy shower. Doogie Howser's mom, Belinda Montgomery even has a busty bra scene, which isn't so bad itself. Largely inspired by Italian giallo films and featuring some great shots at NYC's skid row from back in the late 70's, thanks to its sexual nature, Stone Cold Dead is a tough one to get out of your head!