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Keywords: Great Nudity!, White, Brunette Hair, Small Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

Nude Roles: 7

Birthplace: Stuttgart, DE

Date of Birth: 04/18/72

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...und plötzlich wird es dunkel in meinem Leben (2001) Nude, breasts 01:04:00 She takes off her shirt. She puts on a robe. Somewhere in between these two actions, we get a view of her very, very nice tits. And it's good. (24 secs)
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With her big brown eyes, even bigger bottom, and sweetly petite boobage, Stefanie Schmid is one of the most skincredible actresses to ever drop trau in Deutschland. This foxy fraulein is breast recognized from the short-lived German TV series Delta Team – Auftrag geheim! Stef’s mighty yet miniature mams caught the flys of movie executives, who cast her in Die Nacht der Nächte – Schools Out (1997). In her skinematic debut, this teacher’s pet got good marks in sex ed for perfect perky protuberances and for going full frontal first time out, with extra-credit points for a thatchy-patched close-up! The results were hairrifically hot! Schmid helped make the tube even boobier in a tit-ilizing strip sequence in the Tatort series and in a lusty bone-inducing bagging in the vampire drama Laila–Unsterblich verliebt (2000). Stefanie’s smallish suck sacks, with diminutively dolloped nips, are perkily present in these flicks and in most of her skindeavours. 2004 brought us Stefanie Schmid as Tamara Schneider in the movie, Unter weissen Segeln - Kompass der Liebe. To Stefanie, Mr. Skin says, “Fangs for the mammaries.”


Unter weissen Segeln - Kompass der Liebe (2004) - as Tamara Schneider

Dein Mann wird mir gehören! (2002) - as Isabel Schäfer

Nude, breasts 01:04:00 She takes off her shirt. She puts on a robe. Somewhere in between these two actions, we get a view of her very, very nice tits. And it's good. (24 secs)
Nude, breasts 01:28:00 Stef makes love to her manly man, who's wearing a blindfold. What a stupid idea--he can't see her awesome boobs! (47 secs)
Nude, breasts, butt 00:30:00 Lengthy views of her ripe, red nipples as Thomas Lehmann feeds her ripe, red strawberries (we love a good metaphor) before she stands up, showing awesome, awesome ass and more boobage. (1 min 21 secs)
Nude, breasts, body double BODY DOUBLE: A perfect way to start a movie. The camera zooms in--waaaaay in--to show some insanely hot toplessness, including a nipple shot so close you can count the pores! Too bad those jugs ain't Stef's, though. (1 min)
Nude, breasts 00:44:00 It's hide-the-salami time with Steffi and Lehmann, which is good news for us, since we get another gander at her globes. (39 secs)

Laila - Unsterblich verliebt (2000) - as Laila

Vom Küssen und vom Fliegen (2000) - as Helga

Nude, breasts, bush 01:09:00 Looks like this is a prom night her date won't forget. Steffi schows every schpeck of her bod in this long hump scene, including one or two brief gyno-glimpses. (1 min 57 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:02:00 Nothing complements a lovely prom gown better than a sweet set of stonkers, and Stef proves she knows how to accessorize. (15 secs)

TV Shows

Typisch Sophie (2004) - as Lydia Dietz

Delta Team - Auftrag geheim! (1999) - as Sandra Wohlers

SK Kölsch (1999-2004) - as Estelle Puntschu

Balko (1995-2004) - as Ira Russek

Tatort (1970-2015) - as Sabrina Schumann

Nude, breasts, thong Ep. 30x14 Bikini, thonged butt and brief booblets during a slurpingly sexy striptease followed by some encore nippage talking to a potential customer. (1 min 51 secs)

Küstenwache - as Jana Deisenroth

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