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Unter weissen Segeln - Kompass der Liebe

Unter weissen Segeln - Kompass der Liebe (2004)

Brief Nudity


Kompass der Liebe, or Compass of Love, is an episode from the long running German tv series Unter weissen Segeln, or Under White Sails. The show was a bit like The Love Boat, only not as funny, as the stories involved the crew taking various trips to an exotic locale, the Caribbean in this case, taking excursions off the boat and dealing with all of the intrigue that arises between the crew and assorted passengers. Stefanie Schmid plays one of the passengers who has a tryst with a shipmate on the episode, and Stefanie shows off her schooners as they set sail on a voyage to tuna town! Another passenger is played by Julia Palmer-Stoll, and though we don't see her nude, she does look mighty fetching in a skimpy pink and blue bikini. And finally there's Ivonne Schonherr who looks similarly scintillating in a tiny bikini, though she does flash some side boob as she is seen topless from behind! Compass of Love will have your compass pointing straight up!