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The German cop show Tatort doesn't skimp on the ta-tits—think Law & Order with bodacious boulders and you've got this titillating bit of tizzletobber-rich Teutonic TV. It's a crime we Yanks don't have this much yankworthy material in our police serials, but until the krauts conquer us and bring their prime-time tradition of nude women to our shores, we'll just have to settle with fantasizing about Julia Brendler and Ute Christensen invading our Pole-land. If you're interested in where to find all the nude scenes, look no further than the flesh fiends at Skin Central! The endlessly hot Annika Blendl shows off her glorious breasts in episode 33, when the camera slowly zooms in on the topless blonde and her bedmate. Julia shows off her breasts, butt, and bush too in season 27 episode 17. In the scene, her awesome full frontal and buns can be admired while she frolicks around with one of her cheerleader colleagues and some guys in a shower. Then there's Ulrike Folkerts, who in season 29 episode 7 takes a shower, then steps out and shows us her right breast, bush, and buns for our viewing pleasure. Eva Habermann gives us a good look at her bazoongas in season 18 episode 21 while she demonstrates some very un-virginal behavior exposing her gorgeous right tit in this brief but arousing fantasy sequence. Tatort is a long show by any measure, but Mr. Skin can't help but recommend it if for no other reason than its endless stream of hot naked ladies on screen. 


Luise Berndt

Nude - as Lara Bahls

1 Pic
Annika Blendl

Nude - as Ulrike Frank

2 Pics & 1 Clip
Heidy Bohlen

Nude - as Christa Kassdorf

2 Pics
Nadeshda Brennicke

Nude - as Irina

1 Pic
Natascha Bub

Karin Freiberg

Agata Buzek

Kristina Pawlak

Ute Christensen

Nude - as Natascha

3 Pics
Jenny Deimling

Nude - as Linda

4 Pics
Claudia Demarmels

Nude - as Claudia Lorek

1 Pic
Renan Demirkan

Nude - as Ulli

3 Clips
Iris Disse

Nude - as Lizzi

1 Pic
Veronika Faber

Gisela Brandl

Malin Fischer

Sandra Wiemann

Veronika Fitz

Nude - as Eva Krüner

1 Pic
Catherine H. Flemming

Katharina Dettmer

Katja Flint

Marie Eschen

Ulrike Folkerts

Nude - as Lena Odenthal

5 Pics & 1 Clip
Regina Fritsch

Nude - as Helen Pollak

2 Pics
Vaile Fuchs

Nude - as Kathi Schaller

4 Pics
Maria Furtwängler

Charlotte Lindholm

Katja Giammona

Petra Klein

Tanja Götemann

Nude - as Carol Roschner

1 Pic
Niki Greb

Nude - as Myriam Ritgen

4 Pics
Dijana Grilc

Nude - as Tanja Rose / Viktors Freundin

1 Pic
Ilona Grübel

Angelica Wagner

Cosma Shiva Hagen

Nude - as Vanessa Singer

2 Clips
Jeanette Hain

Nude - as Anna Lindner

8 Pics & 1 Clip
Corinna Harfouch

Dr. Lore Ewers

Eva Haßmann

Nude - as Anett / Frances

2 Pics
Nicole Heesters

kommissarin Buchmüller

Brigitte Hobmeier

Nude - as Birgit Winkler

1 Pic & 1 Clip
Sissy Höfferer

Nude - as Babette 'Baby' Götz

1 Pic
Doreen Jacobi

Nude - as Corinna Becker

3 Pics
Isabella Jantz

Simone Körner

Sonja Jeannine

Nude - as Sabine Knoop

6 Pics
Brigitte Karner

Katharina Lefevre

Ursula Karven

Wanda Wilhelmi

Anne Kasprik

Nude - as Pia Erzberger

1 Pic
Friederike Kempter

Nadeshda Krusenstern

Filiz Koc

Nude - as Fadime Gülüc

1 Pic
Lara-Joy Körner

Sexy - as Amanda Eschen

1 Pic
Naomi Krauss

Doris Singer

Ulrike Kriener

Amelie Kurz

Renate Krößner

Nude - as Ragna

1 Pic
Christiane Krüger

Nude - as Marlies Effenberger

1 Clip
Ulrike Krumbiegel

Bea Kubitz

Lilia Lehner

Nude - as Nico Lischka

1 Pic
Sandra Leonhard

Nude - as Vera Niessen/Susanne Scheffler

4 Pics & 2 Clips
Miranda Leonhardt

Kriminaltechnikerin Nika Banovic

Johanna Liebeneiner

Dagmar, Bardame

Anna Loos

Lissy Pütz

Delia Mayer

Sexy - as Liz Ritschard

3 Pics & 2 Clips
Claudia Messner

Nude - as Maria Bubek

1 Pic
Marika Mindzenthy

Uta Grabowski

Petra Morzé

Nude - as Uta Pohl

2 Pics & 1 Clip
Annika Murjahn

Nude - as Annika Rosenberger

5 Pics & 1 Clip
Despina Pajanou

Nude - as Vera Laible

2 Clips
Loretta Pflaum

Suza Bindner

Christina Plate

Cordula Stricker

Sabine Postel

Nude - as Inga Lürsen

1 Clip
Annett Renneberg

Nude - as Marion Schneider

4 Pics & 1 Clip
Camilla Renschke

Nude - as Helen Reinders

3 Pics
Sophie Rois

Roxane Aschenwald

Tanja Schleiff

Nude - as Katja Braun

1 Pic & 1 Clip
Stefanie Schmid

Nude - as Sabrina Schumann

4 Pics & 1 Clip
Daniela Schulz

Nude - as Marion

1 Pic
Sophie Schütt

Nude - as Dagmar Holst

4 Pics
Charlotte Schwab

Hannelore Utz

Anke Sevenich

Nude - as Hanna

2 Pics
Claudia Stanislau

Nude - as Katja

2 Pics
Katja Studt

Jana Lehmann

Aglaia Szyszkowitz

Nude - as Berkbusch

1 Pic
Mina Tander

Nude - as Lisa Stein

1 Pic
Ellen Ten Damme

Nude - as Kareen

1 Pic
Anna Thalbach

Mirjam Hartmann

Simone Thomalla

Nude - as Claudia

5 Pics
Ulrike C. Tscharre

Nude - as Charlotte Pahl

4 Pics & 1 Clip
Nadja Uhl

Nude - as Petra Schächter

2 Pics
Suzanne von Borsody

Nude - as Karin Landauer

1 Pic & 1 Clip
Sophie von Kessel

Nude - as Stella Eisner

2 Pics
Sabine von Maydell

Nude - as Sabine von Maydell

1 Pic
Katrin Weisser

Sexy - as Margit Baumann

1 Pic
Claudine Wilde

Nude - as Jacqueline Bordenave

1 Clip
Katja Woywood

Nude - as NA

1 Pic
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