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Blonder than blonde, built to thrill, and possessed of simmering, sexual undercurrents, Rachel McAdams could not have seemed more at home in well-known teen-flick hits, fittingly titled The Hot Chick (2002) and Mean Girls (2004). Fans are advised to look beyond the Hot and the Mean, however, and dredge up a heretofore forgotten relic of Rachel's pre-Hollywood past. The 2002 Canadian obscurity My Name Is Tanino provides an incendiary introduction to Rachel in the raw. As Rachel's star was on the rise in the realm of mainstream entertainment after the success of Mean Girls, Mr. Skin thought Tanino would be the world's last opportunity to ogle Ms. McAdams's apples, but thankfully she let her skivvies fall in the romance The Notebook (2004). She continued looking sexy in her bra and panties, but not taking it all the way off, in Red Eye, Shotgun Love Dolls, Slings and Arrows, The Lucky Ones, About Time, Morning Glory, The Vow and Southpaw. Whoa, that's a lot of Rachel's bikini bod! 
It took a while before we'd see Rachel in the buff again, but she bared her booty in the romantic schmaltz-fest The Time Traveler's Wife (2009), and then bared her breasts for the first time in a decade in the Terrence Malick flick To The Wonder (2013)! Now we no longer have to wonder if she's still willing to whip out those wah-wahs! 
After that, she didn't much mind going nude although she didn't take it all off when she starred in True Detective (2015). She decided to push her boundaries, however, when she starred in Passion (2012) and made out with Noomi Rapace. That was only a taste of what was to come: her insanely hot lesbian loving role in 2018's Disobedience. She went topless, took showers, and best of all: made out and had sex with co-star Rachel Weisz. The two Rachels even swapped spit, quite literally! We're glad that Rachel disobeyed her clothes! 

Disobedience (2018) Nude, breasts, butt, underwear 00:27:41 Rachel coyly takes off her clothes before slipping into bed. She gets under the covers to have sex, but not before letting us see her perky nip. (53 secs)
To the Wonder (2013) Nude, breasts 00:48:12 Rachel rolls around under the sheets with Ben Affleck, giving off glorious glimpses of her tasty McApples! (5 secs)
The Time Traveler's Wife (2009) Nude, butt 00:17:01 McAdams bares a nice slice of McAss when she slips out of bed and puts on an awesomely too-short robe. (16 secs)
The Notebook (2004) Nude, breasts 01:21:52 This Mean Girl goes nice and graciously gives us a couple small peeks at her right boob as she and her fella run up the stairs and then do it. (25 secs)
The Notebook (2004) Nude, breasts 01:24:30 Catch a couple of quick and shadowy glimpses at Rach's right hand racklet as she romps on the floor with Gosling. (45 secs)
The Notebook (2004) Nude, breasts The famous Notebook sex scene, complete with sexy looks at Rachel McAdams bare back in bed! (2 mins 33 secs)
My Name Is Tanino (2002) Nude, breasts 00:03:10 Rachel's no Mean Girl--she nicely gives up some boob shots when she's splashing around in the ocean. (2 mins 5 secs)
My Name Is Tanino (2002) Nude, breasts 00:17:35 Rachel's boy-toy dreams of her stiff-nipped, underwater seashells. (11 secs)
My Name Is Tanino (2002) Nude, breasts 00:05:15 Rachel and Meredith lounge on the beach, their sandcastles poking out briefly from behind their hair. (19 secs)

Sexy Appearances


Southpaw (2015) - as Maureen Hope

About Time (2013) - as Mary

Passion (2012) - as Christine Stanford

The Vow (2012) - as Paige Collins

Morning Glory (2010) - as Becky Fuller

Sherlock Holmes (2009) - as Irene Adler

The Lucky Ones (2008) - as Colee Dunn

Red Eye (2005) - as Lisa Reisert

Mean Girls (2004) - as Regina George

The Hot Chick (2002) - as Jessica Spencer/Clive Maxtone

TV Shows

True Detective (2014-) - as Ani Bezzerides

Shotgun Love Dolls - as Beth

Slings and Arrows (2003) - as Kate McNab

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