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Stay as You Are

Stay as You Are (1978)

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Any creator of erotic art knows that taboos are made to be toyed with, and the erotic drama Stay as You Are (1978) toys with one of the all-time deepest taboos. Also known as Così come sei, this Italian flick follows landscape architect Giulio Marengo (Marcello Mastroianni) who has designs on Francesca, a hot college student he’s just met. She’s a nubile, world-class beauty played by nubile, world-class beauty Nastassja Kinski. Needless to say, the two hit the hay. As such, we are treated to views of Ms. Kinski’s full frontal nudity! Throughout the film, Nasty struts her stuff in the buff — baring her breasts, bush and butt! What could possibly be bad about having sex with such a stunner? Well, it turns out that Francesca is the foster daughter of agriculturist Bartolo (José María Caffarel) who has been looking after her since her mother died. And her mother could just be a long lost love of Giulio. Is a man of a certain age and sophistication guilty of anything more than a connoisseur’s appreciation for fine female flesh if he were to sleep with his exquisite and delightful daughter? Even if he’s not 100 percent certain that she bears that relationship to him? These are the questions Giulio must ask himself. Put yourself in his place (in bed with the nubile Nastassja) before you judge him for the answers he chooses. Good thing, Giulio has another love interest (Ania Pieroni) who shows him her Bs. Talk about a Plan B!