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Sophie Gold, The Diary of a Gold Digger

Sophie Gold, The Diary of a Gold Digger (2017)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Carol Botar
  • Rated: NR
  • Theatrical Release: 05/01/2017
  • Country: USA
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(0:02) Elvira Tröger doing a sexy photoshoot in a dress showing some inner cleavage. The director tries to get her to spread her legs more and show more cleavage.   (0:03) Elvira Tröger gets out of the shower and we see a quick look at her left breast from the side.   (0:15) Elvira Tröger In a bikini top and jacket at a photoshoot.   (0:17) Elvira Tröger in a sports bra stretching in the park.   (0:23) Elvira Tröger in sports bra and shorts jogging.   (0:29) Elvira Tröger in a bikini on a boat.   (0:30) Elvira Tröger in another bikini diving into the pool and getting out. Also in the shower but don’t really see anything.   (0:33) At the beach GIRL in bikini and Ashley Green Elizabeth in bikini bottoms. (The other GIRL may be Meorine Adler or Kika Cicmanec.)   (0:35) Elvira Tröger bikini at the beach.   (0:40) Bare back on Elvira Tröger as she takes off her shirt and begins riding a guy in bed. Never quite see anything more though despite some aerial shots down at her.   (0:44) Bare back on Elvira Tröger showering.   (0:44) Tia Barr in the pool in a bikini.   (0:55) Elvira Tröger in a bathing suit by the pool.   (1:05) Elvira Tröger in bikini in the pool. Then strips to another bikini during a montage. Then another bikini on a boat. Then another bikini at the pool again.   (1:08) Elvira Tröger is now in yet another bikini swimming and then lying out.   (1:09) Elvira Tröger being screwed in the pool from behind. She is naked. Come close to seeing buns but it’s a little dark. Then she is in a bikini top on a boat. The guy will do cocaine off her stomach.   (1:32) Elvira Tröger bikini at the pool in the final shot.