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Hot Girls Wanted (2015)

Great Nudity!

(NOTE: Tressa Silguero - porn name: Stella May. The rest of the girls are listed by their porn names and are fairly easy to find. Though this is a documentary about the reality of "amateur" porn.) (0:01) The opening montage of the film shows a number of sexy women in videos and pictures including Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Belle Knox, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and others. (0:05) Tressa Silguero lying in bed in her panties. (0:07) A girl walking through the house has her robe lifted up to show her buns. (0:07) Tressa Silguero is in her bra and panties doing a webcam. (0:12) Video of Miley Cyrus on stage shoving dollar bills into her crotch area. (0:13) Tressa Silguero in panties. Then Ava Taylor bikini pics. (0:14) Ava Taylor in a bikini on webcam (0:27) Lucy Tyler shown in pics in a bikini top and Catholic girl skirt. (0:36) Rhianna shows pierced breasts in a photo. (0:37) Brooklyn Daniels is in lingerie and we can see her buttcrack at one point. Tressa Silguero in her bra and panties. (0:38) Tressa Silguero in a new bra and panties. Lucy Tyler is in lingerie and shows her buns. (0:45) Pics of Tressa Silguero that shows her buns and right breast from the side. (0:48) Ava Taylor in panties. (0:50) Ava Taylor showing some bush during a porn shoot. Then almost her left breast in the shower. (0:52) Brooklyn Daniels in a bikini (0:55) Brooklyn Daniels in a bikini top. (1:00) Brooklyn Daniels in bra and panties. (1:02) Lucy Tyler in her bra on video. Ava Taylor in panties on bed. (1:06) Picture of Ava Taylor getting her right breast squeezed by Ron Jeremy. (1:06) Ava Taylor in a lingerie pic. (1:16) Ava Taylor in panties attacked by a dog. Inner cleavage as she goes to the table outside. (1:18) Belle Knox showing some upskirt panties.

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NudeSexy, breasts

Miley Cyrus

Sexy - as HerselfSexy

Tressa Silguero

Nude - as HerselfSexy, butt, right breast, underwear

Ava Taylor

Nude - as HerselfSexy, bikini, breasts, bush, right breast, underwear

Brooklyn Daniels

Nude - as HerselfSexy, bikini, butt, underwear

Lucy Tyler

Nude - as HerselfSexy, bikini, butt, underwear

Belle Knox

Sexy - as HerselfSexy, underwear

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