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Slim Susie

Slim Susie (2003)

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Sibling bonds pull an urban-dwelling man back to the rural burg of his boyhood in Slim Susie (2003). His life will never be the same. The prodigal brother returns to his home of origin and initially fails to realize that his formative environment is fundamentally alien from his memories. Has everything changed, or had he been blind to the realities of the place all along? His old best friend is still installed in front of the TV. The video store is being run by the same oddball character. The nursing home has remained open and operational all this time. But drugs, gangsterism, and corruption lurk just beneath the topsoil of an idyllic landscape. Reality's grasp becomes tentative at best, and nothing is more elusive than the true nature of the skinny sister whose unexplained disappearance triggered this unsettling journey into the past.