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Sleepless Beauty

Sleepless Beauty (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Sleepless Beauty (2020) is a truly sick and twisted modern horror movie from Russia that will have you wondering what kinds of horror masters made this. The plot follows a woman named Mila gets kidnapped by a dangerous organization known only as Recreation. Her abductors talk to her via a loudspeaker and they remain masked so she does not see who they are. They then give her a bunch of twisted rules that she must follow for her survival. She cannot fall asleep and she has to do a bunch of really demeaning and violent things. This feels like Saw! At first shethinks this is all for the captors' entertainment, but she starts to lose her grip on reality as she becomes more sleep deprived. Is this actually all a giant experiment on violence and sleep deprivation? Is any of this even real? You will have to watch it to find out, but the women in this movie certainly are real. Polina Davydova plays Mila who goes through so much in this movie, but we thankfully get to go through watching her go nude. We see her breasts, her buns, and her breasts again in two nude scenes that show off her body. Granted, in one of those nude scenes she is nakedly stabbing a person to death, but at least we see her ass. Nadezhda Golubeva shows her breasts when she is laying topless. She IS dead, but those boobs will make you feel alive. Don't sleep on the nudity in Sleepless Beauty!