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Sistas (2019-2023)

No Nudity

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Created by the king of black television, Tyler Perry, Sistas (2019) takes on the trope of four single women being friends and explores it further in a sexier and funnier way. Mr. Perry wasn't exactly reinventing the wheel with this often compared to Girlfriends dramedy that debuted in 2019 and has lasted five seasons. The story of four thirty-something black women working their way through great and far from great relationships, this one stars K.J. Smith as Andrea Barnett, a divorce lawyer who's secretly sexing a married man. Andrea's got a very close group of friends, including the salon owner Karen Mott (Ebony Obsidian), Sabrina (Novi Hollins), the kind and cute bank teller who can't tell if her boyfriend's actually gay, and Danni (Mignon Von), the comic relief who is comically unwilling to keep her mouth shut when someone wrongs one of her girls. Drama within the friend group, wild situations with their sex lives, this one had it all. But it didn't have nudity, because it was on BET and that basic cable network refuses to help a horny brother out! But we bet there's still plenty of stuff you'll like from these sexy sistas! The absurdly cool named Ebony Obsidian will have your rock hard as that special rock when she uses a vibrator to masturbate, even if we don't see much because she keeps her covers on. K.J. Smithshows even more when she is underneath her man in bed. His body covers her breasts and then she covers her own boobs with her hands afterward. And that's not to mention all the times we see her in a bra and panties! If you like your women bustier, you'll beat your meat like a filet to Mignon Von's barely covered in a bra bombs. There's O-face from Novi Hollins, bare back and sideboob from Crystal Hayslett, and an amazing black rack in a red bra from Joi Liaye. Even the token's smokin, when we see the cock pleasing caucasian Ashley Dougherty naked but covered by a refrigerator door. Bra shots are great but hopefully next time we can see the girls on Sistas