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Made For Love

Made For Love (2021-2022)

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The always great and totally fun and captivating Cristin Milioti is at the center of the series Made for Love, which premiered on HBO Max in the early spring of 2021. Here, Cristin stars as Hazel, a thirty-something woman just now rediscovering herself after literally escaping a disastrous ten-year marriage to the controlling Silicon Valley tech wunderkind Byron (Billy Magnussen). The only problem is, though Hazel has managed to escape Byron, he has implanted a high tech tracking device—unbeknownst to her—in her brain. Now, even if she wanted to move on, which she does, her controlling ex has taken things to new heights of control. It's pretty great that Milioti has become the go-to gal for high concept science fiction comedy premises, what with her participation in Palm Springs (2020) and that episode of Black Mirror where she and that one McPoyle brother are trapped in a Star Trek-esque simulation. This series also flips the script on us by showing off what a tender dude Byron is by having him go down on Hazel in the first two minutes of the first episode! We get to see a nice right pokie from Cristin Milioti beneath a sheer nightgown while Magnussen dines out in her cafeteria! Since this is an HBO Max series, we're hopeful that this is just the beginning of something great and that future seasons and episodes may bring us more nude Cristin Milioti, which is something that's been in seriously short supply! Come on Cristin, like the title of your new show says, you were Made for Love!