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Queens (2021-2022)

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Queens (2021) is a drama in which former queens of hip hop come back into each other's life to make sure that everyone knows they are in charge and here to stay. The series stars Eve, Naturi Naughton, Nadine Velasquez, and the one and only Brandy. As we said, this is a drama, so these actual former 90s hip hop divas are playing different, fictional 90s hip hop divas. Still with us? Naturi plays Da Thrill, Eve is Brianna, Brandy is Naomi, and Nadine is Butter Pecan. They are reuniting to perform in one of the biggest music events in hip hop. Can they pull it off? Absolutely! There will be drama along the way, of course. In one scene, there is a music video shoot that features constant bikinis. Eve fills out her black bikini and wears a hilarious necklace about her being a nasty bitch. Naturi Naughton's rack is practically spilling out of her plaid bikini top when she raps to the camera. Nadine Velasquez is on a boat in her bikini. Aerial shots make it so that we can look down her heavy bosom in her bikini top! Finally, Eve walks in on her hubby banging a ginger white woman played by Hannah Masi. Hannah's character is a dorky fan of Eve's, so as she puts her jeans back on over her striped panties and her Guns-N-Roses T-shirt over her orange bra (does the lingerie match the drapes?) she compliments Naturi on being a gorgeous older woman. We couldn't agree more!