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Silk (2007)

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Nothing in the world feels quite like Silk (2007) — especially when it’s made with international talents. Based on Alessandro Baricco’s same-named novel from 1996, François Girard’s global production harnesses the efforts of Italy, Japan and Canada to create a universally-appealing romance. Not to be confused with the horror flick Silk (2014), this sweeping epic follows French silkworm smuggler Hervé Joncour (Michael Pitt). He’s a lucky duck who gets to pluck his booty-ful (and boob-baring) bride Hélène (Keira Knightley). As such, you’d assume Monsieur Joncour would only have eyes (and another part of his anatomy) for his sweet spouse. But while searching for silkworm eggs in Japan, he falls in lust with an unnamed concubine (Sei Ashina). Of course, the two have hurdles to face. Not only is there a language barrier, Hervé is married and the concubine belongs to a big shot baron (Kōji Yakusho). If that’s not hard enough, a war breaks out that tears the two apart. Luckily, he has her love letters to keep him warm. That, and some steamy mamories to dwell on. Who could forget when Sei bared her chest while bathing in the lake? But after Hélène dies, Hervé realizes too late that she translated the love letters and she actually was his soul mate! The movie includes Alfred Molina, Callum Keith Rennie, and the fine flesh on Naoko Watanabe. The exotic hottie struts her stuff in the buff at the 50-minute mark when she shows off her breasts, bush and butt. Nice Watana Bs!