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Barbie & Kendra Storm Area 51

Barbie & Kendra Storm Area 51 (2020)

No Nudity

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Barbie & Kendra Storm Area 51 (2020) is a short comedic film that is filled to the brim with camp. A comedic duo of two hot female friends decides to watch TV one day and that inspires them to somehow seek out Area 51. Cut to them essentially finding it in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. This film is very creatively made considering it was indeed made in the times of Covid. This quarantine comedy manages to tell its story with greenscreens, re-dubbed vintage science fiction scenes from classic cult films, stock footage, and our heroines being filmed presumably somewhere else and put into all of these situations. It is a very interesting flick to watch! Robin Sydney is super sexy as Kendra and her friend Cody Renee Cameron plays Barbie - those are our titular characters. Speaking of TITular, these two ladies refrain from actually going nude which is a huge bummer. That feels like a missed opportunity, but that being said they both show up in their bikinis for a scene that is out of this world. Robin shows off her big breasts that are pushed together in her halter bikini top. Her cleavage is outstanding in this scene where we get to see her slim stomach and long, tan legs. Cody Renee Cameron does the same when she wears her sporty red bikini that gives us some cleavage flair as well. She looks fit and flirty in that top. Maybe next time they will show us their buns from Area 51!