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Bad Cupid

Bad Cupid (2021)

No Nudity

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The mythology behind Cupid is quite simple...  The Roman God of love that appears as a chubby baby flying around, shooting arrows at people to make them fall in love for all time.  It's a sweet story and imagery that has fueled Valentine's Days since they first started coming around and long before!  Well, this is not that kind of Cupid, this is a very Bad Cupid.  This Cupid is named Archie (John Rhys-Davies) and he is fairly fed up with the one thing he deems to be standing in the way of true love, human stupidity.  This matchmaker spends his days hanging out in bars, cussing out couples who can do better, drinking, and committing various felonies to try his best and bring true love to the few he deems a good match.  Enter hapless Buffalo based boob, the recently heartbroken Dave (Shane Nepveu), who just got dumped by Denise (Christine Turturro) and his sole mission is to get his ex-girlfriend back.  With the help of his pushy and non-committal cousin, Morris (Briana Marin), who only wants to get him under a new girl as soon as possible, he tries his best at finding someone else, all the while never giving up his hope for a grand gesture from his ex!  Too bad Archie has his sights set on helping Dave too, but he's more focused on revenge against Denise's new fiancé, which might actually be part of a bigger plan to help Dave get true love back in his life!  While this is more tame than you'd expect with the skin, we do get some bra-time with Briana Marin after her one-night stand with a circus performing leggy blonde!