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Shanghai 1937

Shanghai 1937 (1996)

Brief Nudity


Shanghai 1937 (1997) is a drama from Germany, a land that is known for its blonde bombshells (if only those were dropped on the Allied Forces during WWII we'd be living in a much different world today). When it comes to blonde beauty, Agnieszka Wagner wrote the book, which goes against the cliche that blondes are stupid. Well, in all honesty, we have no idea if she wrote a book or can even write, but that doesn’t matter. It is indisputable that in the movie, when she’s naked and riding her man to a place call Ecstasyville, there are no blondes that can compare with this blonde. It doesn’t hurt that she also has some massive mams and is not afraid to show them. Well, if it does hurt then you’re not using enough lube, but that’s not her fault.