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Scream at the Devil (2015)

No Nudity

(0:33) Shari Shattuck in her panties stumbling to answer the door with blood on her shirt.(0:36) Shari Shattuck in her panties on the floor as she begins transforming. Then she wakes curled up in the bathtub in her panties and then goes walking outside in them.(0:49) Cleavage on Corina Boettger at the front door.(1:25) Shari Shattuck in panties on the bed dreaming. She then dreams she is having sex with the devil. We see a good portion of left boob obscured by his arm.(1:27) Shari Shattuck wakes up naked in a bloodied bed. We see her bare back and some right side boob as she puts her robe on. She goes to the bathroom and checks out her cut up thigh. She is chased out of the house and jumps into the pool.


Shari Shattuck

Sexy - as Mirium JonesSexy, underwear

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