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Rue barbare

Rue barbare (1984)

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In the French drama Rue barbare (1984), former gangster and all around troublemaker Daniel (Bernard Giraudeau) has successfully transformed his life to become a respected businessman. One night on his way home from work, Daniel witnesses a young Chinese woman being attacked by a gang of crooks he used to run with back in his criminal days. The now upright citizen swoops in to assist the damsel in distressed, ultimately making him a target of the clan of bad dudes called the barbarians. With the menacing group breathing down his neck and bringing misery to the neighborhood, Daniel puts up a valiant and costly fight against the marauders. When he’s not fighting crime, Daniel finds himself fighting a boner when Corinne Dacla shows her pale-skinned perkies and her red rug during a randy rendezvous. Also, in a moment of post-poke chatter, Christine Boisson bares her magnificent mini-meltaways and super sexy figure. Rue barbare will make you hard down there!