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Polar (2019)

Great Nudity!

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Polar opposites work together in Netflix’s Polar (2019). Based on the graphic novel Polar: Came From the Cold by Víctor Santos, the skinternational flick stars Mads Mikkelson as aging assassin Duncan Vizla. He’s ready to retire when a young woman called Camille (Vanessa Hudgeons) hires him for one last job. Several twists and turns ensue, while the skintight skivvies on Ms. Hudgeons ensure Mr. Skin remains straight! Throughout the course of the thriller, we’re thrilled to see a number of alluring actresses in all manner of undress. Evalina (Anastasia Marinina) puts the ass into assassin when she reveals her killer rack and rump while humping Duncan. Obviously, Mads and we are mad about her banging body! We’re also addicted to the panty-clad bum on Junkie Jane (Lovina Yavari) and the petite peaks on Pedro’s Girl (Yana Gold). Not to be upstaged, be-thonged babes Drew Catherine Gilder and Pastel Supernova lose their tops! The neo-noir film also features Richard Dreyfuss, Johnny Knoxville, Matt Lucas, and Katheryn Winnick’s winning cleavage! Breast of all is stunning Sindy (Ruby O. Fee) who dons sexy swimwear in one scene and the shortest of shorts in another. If that’s not arousing enough, the brunette ingénue sheds her threads when bedding Mr. Mikkelson in a cabin. First, we see her bare buns when she’s bent over. Then, she presses her big nude boobs against the window as they do it standing up. When she goes to blow Mads, assassins accidentally blow her away. Talk about being drop dead gorgeous!