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Is This a Joke? (2011)

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Billing itself as a throwback to the classic "joke comedies" of the 1970s, Is This a Joke (2011) repurposes several dozen dirty jokes as comedy sketches, ranging in length from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. One classic bit finds a man coming home to tell his wife that he's won the lottery and she needs to pack her bags. Upon inquiring if she should pack for a cold weather trip or a warm weather trip, he tells her he doesn't care where she goes, she just needs to leave! Hilarious! Of course, the real highlight of this film—as is the highlight with all films from low budget director Jim Haggerty—is the copious amounts of nudity! Nicola Fiore appears in several sketches, most notably one in which she plays "Naked Lady," flaunting her terrific T'n'A! Then there's Nicky Figueredo, who plays several different characters, though our favorite is "Gynecologist Patient," and we get to see Nicky's knockers! Debbie Kopacz plays both "Bad Mother" and "Virgin," flexing her estimable range and also baring her beautiful breasts in the process! Finally we have the lovely Vicky Wiese, who steals the whole movie by baring all in her segment playing a "Dog Bitten Wife." Look, the set-ups may be stale, the jokes may be older than Methuselah, and the concept of a comedy film built entirely around jokes is about forty years too late to provide anything resembling comedic entertainment, but there's no denying that Is This a Joke? is absolutely not a joke when it comes to giving us some knockout nudity!