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Pleasure or Pain

Pleasure or Pain (2014)

Great Nudity!

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Red Shoes Diaries impresario Zalman King managed to shoot one more film before he died in 2012, though others were crafted from some of his old footage. That flick was the BDSM heavy drama Pleasure or Pain (2013). In this thinly veiled knock-off of the Fifty Shades of Grey books, a wealthy real estate tycoon (Christos Vasilopoulos) introduces an innocent young woman (Malena Morgan) to a whole new world of sex, when he begins practicing BDSM with her. From whips and chains to a bit of pain alongside the porking, she increasingly finds its something she's super into. Will she ever come back to boring stuff like under the covers missionary or has she crossed the point of no return? Will she thrive in this new, titillating community or will her desires consume her in a fiery blaze of passion? The one thing this imitator of an imitator has going for it is the copious amounts of flesh on display! Malena Morgan bares all in several sex scenes, showing off her terrifically taut body and fully shaved front! At one point, she tries to run away from the tycoon, but is stopped on the stairs only to leave us staring as she does the deed with him, step by step! She even has a wild threesome with Elle Alexandra and Kayla Jane. There's some gender bending going on in that one, with some of the ladies in tuxes and some in dresses, but once they're all naked you'll know they are all woman! Malena also hooks up with Hayden Hawkens while her dom boyfriend watches. Women who look like that can keep it vanilla and still make a happy fella! But with all that freaky stuff, you'll pleasure yourself until it hurts to the ladies in Pleasure or Pain!