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Neon Heart (2018)

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Neon Heart (2018) is a Danish film about Laura and Niklas who are going through a change in their lives. Laura was previously a porn actress and Niklas is currently in detox. Laura and Niklas used to be a couple, but have since separated. Laura wants to reach out to Niklas and Niklas is spending his time trying to reach out to his teen brother who he fears might be hanging out with the wrong crowd. Everyone has their own agendas, their own feelings, and their own hearts to tend to in this tender drama. Luckily, this drama is also very sexy! Victoria Carmen Sonne is the sweet vixen who plays Laura. She shows off her porny skills when we get to see a video of her taking off her clothes. Look at her sweet suck sacks, tiny waist, and black bush. She is fully nude in that scene and it doesn't stop there. Victoria is so sensual when she gets nude again for a shower scene. We get to see one of her harder pornos, too, when she acts in a fake intruder porn that shows a POV of the guy as he gets oral sex from Victoria. It's like we're right there! That's so hot, but it gets even hotter. Big boob-ed Nadia Katrine Hansen plays a prostitute who shows off her juicy melons for a man with Downs Syndrome. She also shows the tattoos on the side of her body. Not to be outdone, topless Melina Jorgensen busts out her breasts for the same guy as she seduces him. These topless chicks will give you a neon hard-on.