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Nude Roles: 6

Birthplace: Jerusalem, IL

Date of Birth: 06/09/81

Real Name: Natalie Hershlag

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Planetarium (2016) Nude, butt, underwear 01:05:43 Natalie Portman takes off her clothes on the beach and sunbathes naked, showing her bare ass! (32 secs)
Closer (2004) Nude, breasts, sexy, thong, underwear 01:04:00 Be-wigged Natalie turns slightly at the strip club, and her dark right nippo pops out from behind her skimpy bra! (8 secs)
Closer (2004) Sexy, thong, sexy, underwear
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Natalie Portman Nude at Mr. Skin

"Young actors often don't think of the consequences of doing nudity or sex scenes. They want the role so badly that they agree to be exploited and then end up embarrassing family, friends, and even strangers." Perhaps that explains why it took so long for us to ogle Natalie Portman's best parts.

This Israeli-born, straight-A Harvard psychology major was discovered in a pizza shop at age eleven in New York. While threatening to become a doctor like her OB/GYN father, Natalie's enjoyed a meteoric movie career, despite turning down some really hot properties, most of which subsequently went to Christina Ricci and made her a star!

Natalie Portman's Early Career

In her debut, Leon: The Professional (1994), this slim, dark, olive-skinned, and somewhat exotic looking hottie was tagged with "star quality," despite only having just become a teenager when the film was released! Natalie's career was off and running however, and some of her other notable films from this early part of her career include Michael Mann's Heat (1995) opposite Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, Ted Demme's Beautiful Girls (1996) opposite Mira Sorvino and Uma Thurman, and Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! (1996) opposite Jack Nicholson and Glenn Close!

Natalie Portman Enlists in the Star Wars

Natalie's star exploded in 1999 with the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) where she played Queen Amidala, future mother to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. She would reprise this role in both Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002) and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005). Natalie had finally come of age and was ready to make the full on leap into more adult-oriented fare!

Natalie Portman Says No to Nudity

Considering herself a role model to younger women, however, she once led a crusade against nudity in the movies, making us think we may never see Natalie Portman nude. Favoring math because "There's always an answer," this intelligent young lady, unlike similarly brilliant Harvard and Yale grads (flesh-baring heroines like Elisabeth Shue and Jodie Foster), for too long used any one of the four languages she speaks (English, Hebrew, Japanese, and French) to say "No!" to onscreen skin!

Natalie Portman Embraces Her Sexy Side

Fortunately, with age, Natalie came to grasp the shortsightedness of her initial ideas regarding skin on screen. In the 2004 romance Closer, she stunned the world with a view of her ravishing, rock-hard, beauteous gluteus clad in what looks to be the skimpiest thong ever ass-embled. Sadly, director Mike Nichols chose to cut an actual scene with Natalie Portman topless that was filmed, but she does slip a nip in a strip club scene, which would have to tide us over.

Closer also earned Natalie her first Oscar nomination, helping her to finally shed her child star image once and for all. Natalie slipped a nip again in the action flick V for Vendetta (2006), a film for which she also shaved her head, which is definitely a kink we never knew we had.

Sadly, Natalie employed a body double for her nude scenes in director Miloš Forman's biopic Goya's Ghosts (2006) that same year. A year later, however, Natalie checked into the Wes Anderson short film Hotel Chevalier (2007), and she checked out . . . of her undies! We get several great looks at Natalie Portman's ass in this short film that's clearly long on pleasure!

Natalie Portman Wins an Oscar

Natalie flashed porthole and slipped nip again in No Strings Attached in 2011, the same year she won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her leztastic performance in the previous year's Black Swan (2010). Natalie and co-star Mila Kunis filmed one of the sexiest non-nude lesbian scenes in cinema history and Natalie even flicked her bean in bed in this wacky ballet-centric tale of obsession and madness!

The accolades didn't stop there, and in 2017 Natalie nabbed an Oscar nom for her role as Jackie Kennedy in, well, Jackie (2016). Too bad she doesn't get nude in the film because then they could've called it Jackie Off!

Natalie Portman Joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the stoner comedy Your Highness (2011), Natalie showed off her incredible bethonged booty in what was arguably the highlight of that otherwise forgettable parody of the barbarian fantasy films of the early 80s. Later that same year, Natalie joined the burgeoning Marvel Cinematic Universe playing Jane Foster, love interest to Chris Hemsworth's title character in Thor (2011)!

Natalie reprised that role in the sequel Thor: The Dark World (2013), before seemingly retiring from the MCU, but she came roaring back and better than ever nearly a decade later in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), where she got into superhero shape to take up Thor's hammer and play The Mighty Thor!

Natalie Portman Nude Once Again

We were doing a little stargazing in 2018 and it turns out that Natalie showed off her full moon in the drama Planetarium (2018). She was tough as nails and sexy as Lena in that same year's Annihilation (2018) in which she annihilated her clothes and showed off her undies like she also did in the James Blake music video for My Willing Heart.

For her role in Vox Lux (2018) as the pop star Celeste, she continued to be sexy in tight one-piece costumes, thongs, and bras that show cleavage. The following year, Natalie ascended to the stars once more as an astronaut in Noah Hawley's Lucy in the Sky (2019), playing a character loosely based on the case of astronaut Lisa Nowak.

Will We Ever See Natalie Portman Fully Nude?

Naughty Natalie might not be willing to go fully nude, but she sure does love to tease us, and we can't help but be grateful for the little hints of skin she's given us over the years. We can't help but hold out hope that maybe one of these days the right role will come along and we'll finally get to see Natalie Portman nude in all her SKINcredible glory!


May December (2023) - as Elizabeth

Nude, bush, sexy, underwear 01:27:11 Natalie Portman comes in seriously hot with a quick bush shot as her and Charles Melton screw on the bedroom floor. It's brief as he's getting off her, so we slapped a little Skinvision on the best part! (48 secs)

Lucy in the Sky (2019) - as Lucy Cola

Annihilation (2018) - as Lena

Vox Lux (2018) - as Celeste Montgomery

My Willing Heart (2017) - as Herself

Planetarium (2016) - as Laura Barlow

Nude, butt, underwear 01:05:43 Natalie Portman takes off her clothes on the beach and sunbathes naked, showing her bare ass! (32 secs)

No Strings Attached (2011) - as Emma Kurtzman

Nude, butt 00:32:41 It's Portman's pooper! She gets out of bed and pulls up her undies, but not before we get a few inches of sweet seat meat. (27 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:52:00 Knockerlicious Natalie wears a strapless dress by a Christmas tree, and her left nip hops out. (17 secs)

Your Highness (2011) - as Isabel

Black Swan (2010) - as Nina Sayers / The Swan Queen

Hesher (2010) - as Nicole

The Other Woman (2009) - as Emilia Greenleaf

The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) - as Anne Boleyn

Hotel Chevalier (2007) - as Jack's Girlfriend

Nude, butt 00:08:11 We've got rear port, man! Exquisite Nat makes out with Jason Schwartzman, who slips her panties over her ass. (13 secs)
Nude, butt 00:10:38 Another glorious glance at Miss P's posterior when she leans against a dresser. (15 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:10:18 Natalie gives up a fast flash of right booblet when she kisses Schwartzman in bed. Cheval-YAY! (19 secs)

Goya's Ghosts (2006) - as Inés / Alicia

Nude, butt 00:30:19 Slight Portman posterior as she gets fondled by a priest in prison. She's so hot, it's criminal! (14 secs)

Paris, je t'aime (2006) - as Francine (Faubourg Saint-Denis)

V for Vendetta (2006) - as Evey Hammond

Nude, breasts 01:12:27 Bald babe Nat gives us some left hand nippage through her prison tunic while she investigates a mouse hole. (18 secs)

Closer (2004) - as Alice Ayres

Nude, breasts, sexy, thong, underwear 01:04:00 Be-wigged Natalie turns slightly at the strip club, and her dark right nippo pops out from behind her skimpy bra! (8 secs)

Garden State (2004) - as Sam

Anywhere but Here (1999) - as Ann August

TV Shows

Hercules - as Mimi

Late Show with David Letterman (2009-2015) - as Herself

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