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V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta (2006)

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A masked revolutionary lurks in the shadows of dystopian Britain in the action-packed blockbuster V for Vendetta (2005). Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore, James McTeigue’s thriller stars Hugo Weaving as V, an enigmatic rabble-rouser who dons the mask of historical revolutionary Guy Fawkes to commit his acts of treachery and terror, or freedom fighting depending on how you view him. It's 2020, and a virus (but not that 2020 virus) has taken out most of the world, while Britain has become a totalitarian police state run by Adam Sutler (John Hurt). When an innocent working-class girl (Natalie Portman) experiences a nasty and unexpected run-in with the secret police, she decides to team up with the revolutionary to topple the authoritarian state. Suddenly the two are bombing political meetings, assassinating dudes, and finding out the truth about how so many of these fascist leaders didn't die when the virus came along. Together the two lead an uprising of the people against the government, which is why the mask used in this movie has become a staple of any kind of political protest. McTeigue’s film boasts a potent political message, but you’re just as likely to get lost in the mounds of supple flesh. Mr. Skin likes his girls shaved, just not in the buzzcut way Natalie Portman is throughout this one. But after seeing her flash a bit of nippage while investigating her prison cell or rolling around in a sexy babydoll outfit, he was buzzing below the belt! The good news is that when you’re done scoping Portman, there are even more racy reveals from Mary Stockley and Natasha Wightman to enjoy. Those women fight the homophobic government the best way there is: by making out with each other! Is it cool if we beat off to their Civil Disobedience? After all, we want to put our P in the V of all three of those hotties in V for Vendetta!