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Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky (2019)

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They say astronauts have a higher level of understanding with categories of "Universalism"...  Meaning when you leave earth and turn around and see that big marble floating in the abyss of space, you start to realize how trivial taking the trash out truly is and how beautiful nature and humankind can be.  There is another side to that coin though, in that there is a possibility that the isolation and stress of space travel can break you mentally and make you prioritize things differently or with more intensity, like say a crush on Jon Hamm... Lucy in the Sky is the "near-to-true-story" reimagining of the cross-country driving diaper astronaut, Lisa Nowak, but instead we get Natalie Portman playing the titular "Lucy" Cola, who goes to space and will do anything to get back up there!  All the while having an extra-marital relationship with Jon Hamm and when her chances of space travel go south, so does the relationship, so does her mental health.  When the cracks begin to show, this flick really makes you feel the claustrophobia of being in a really small space, be it the space module, the spacesuit, or your own mind which begins to play tricks on poor Natalie!  Per usual, the incomparably sexy Natalie Portman is about as hot as the outside of space shuttle after re-entry with her trysts with her fellow astronaut, Hamm, and even shows some pokies in a white t-shirt while floating in some water.  It's out of this world...  Sorry, couldn't help ourselves!