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Your Highness

Your Highness (2011)

No Nudity

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In Your Highness (2011), the dashing Prince Fabious' (James Franco) virgin vixen (Zooey Deschanel) is kidnapped, so he and his bumbling boob of a brother (Danny McBride) set out on an epic quest to snatch her back... before her snatch is defiled. Fabious and Thadeous (McBride) are both sons of the king, but while one is known as a courageous warrior, the other is known as a lazy slacker. But when an evil sorcerer (Justin Theroux) kidnaps Fabious' new bride, the king (Charles Dance) tells Thadous that he can't sit this one out lest he be banished from the kingdom. Reluctantly, the jealous bro opts to come on the adventure, but after their first encounter with a child molesting wizard, it becomes clear Fabious is handsome and brave, but not too bright. Joined by Isabel (Natalie Portman), a female warrior looking to kill the same sorcerer for slaughtering her brothers, it's up to our squad of likely and unlikely heroes to use their unique skills to fight a hung minotaur, escape a monster filled gladiator arena, retrieve the unicorn blade, and save the day. You won’t see Natalie Portman nude here, but there are plenty of bare butt and nip slips from her elsewhere! The Harvard grad shows no titty, instead, there's just a body double flashing a locked chastity belt before bedding Mr. McBride. We do, however, see her body in a thong as she strips down to bathe in a river. But what really puts the fantasy into this fantasy flick is Fabious' fabulous bride. Zooey will have you enamored when you see her in a busty wedding dress and a sexy red corset. We wouldn't kindap her, but we'll sure fap to her! We just wish there was a lot more clothes-minus in Your Highness