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My Golden Days

My Golden Days (2015)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


A character study told through a serious of flashbacks, My Golden Days (2015) tells Paul’s (Quentin Dolmaire) story. As Paul gets ready to leave his homeland of Tajikistan and begin the next phase of his life he looks back at his life, his friends, his troubles with his mom, the girl who took his virginity, and the friend who betrayed him.

Melodie Richard does Paul and us a solid when she stands in front of him stripping off her clothes. She ends up on the floor fully nude letting us enjoy her milkbags and muff as she takes his virginity. Lou Roy-Lecollinet takes her top off as she crawls into bed with a guy letting us see her perky pears then she drops her skirt and flashes some ass while getting her freak on. Sometime later a relaxing Lou lays in bed in the nude reading. As they talk literature we gaze her seat and teats.