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An Easy Girl

An Easy Girl (2019)

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We would like to think that there is An Easy Girl in this world...  But we know better than that at our age!  Girl's are complex creatures but that doesn't mean we don't constantly want them, especially scalding hot Algerian girls who live in Cannes in the south of France.  This comedic drama drops you off right on the beach in the very first scene, following the unbelievably sexy and topless Sofia (Zahia Dehar), strolling through the white sand, be-thonged in bikini bottoms and nothing else with a body that is textbook perfect.  You see Sofia is stepping away for the summer to go to Cannes and stay with her young and impressionable cousin Naïma (Mina Farid).  As the two bond and grow closer over the summer, Sofia introduces Naïma to the finer things in life, like expensive clothing, fine jewelry, haute cuisine, and older rich men who own massive super yachts and have a penchant for young sexy women.  As the summer rolls on, Naïma soon begins to realize that her cousin is basically sleeping with these men for fringe benefits and a little bit of cash and becomes a bit disillusioned with the lifestyles of the rich and creepy!  This is a wildly French flick in every way imaginable and it focuses on the smoke show star Zahia Dehar and her exceptional sexiness, which actually made national headlines over in France when she was actually the centerpiece of when a couple of the French National Soccer Team players hired her as an escort when she was just 16 years old!  What the heck France?!?  Now that she is of age though, she's a nude/lingerie model in real life and makes her Nude-Comer debut in this flick, showing is her amazing rack, sexy inverted nips, and a blistering bubble butt for a whopping 7 nude scenes and multiple other displays of sexiness!  Enjoy this one because it's going to be a spank bank cult classic!