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Modern Love Is Automatic (2009)

Brief Nudity

Lydia Hyslop (0:07) Lydia Hyslop comes out of the bedroom giving us a nice full frontal look at her breasts and bush. She doesn’t even notice the guy’s girlfriend has come home until she walks in and out of the bathroom. Hyslop goes back into the bedroom and we see her buns. When she comes out again she is now in black panties but we still see her breasts as she attempts to apologize to the girlfriend. Melodie Sisk   (0:23) We see Melodie Sisk for the first time in her cleavage-busting black leather dominatrix outfit.   (0:28) More of Melodie Sisk in her dominatrix outfit as she whips a guy.   (0:33) More Melodie Sisk in her dominatrix costume.   (0:36) We see still frames of Melodie Sisk in the dome outfit with the various guys who hire her.   (0:40) More Melodie Sisk in dome outfit as she accidentally injures a guy.   (0:49) More Melodie Sisk in the domme outfit with a guy who just likes to watch TV and eat. (1:04) Melodie Sisk is in the domme outfit again waiting for a client. The guy comes in and attacks her, gagging her and tying her up.   (1:19) More Melodie Sisk in her domme outfit. She sits while a guy cleans the bathroom.   Maggie Ross (0:50) Maggie Ross is in her bra and panties practicing sales pitches in a mirror.   (1:01) Maggie Ross strips down to her bra and panties, unknowingly for an amateur porn audition. She gets off a guy’s lap and then gets i nto bed when she finally realizes what’s going on and gets herself dressed.  


Lydia Hyslop

Nude - as Shirleyfull nudity

Melodie Sisk

Sexy - as Lorraine SchultzSexy

Maggie Ross

Sexy - as Adrianunderwear

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