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Miller's Girl

Miller's Girl (2024)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Cairo Sweet (Jenna Ortega) is an eighteen-year old high school student languishing away in her Tennessee mansion while her wealthy lawyer parents are off traveling the globe. According to Cairo, she itches for real life experiences, claiming that “literature is my solace in my solitude”, and it’s true as she is the star student in her English class, so much so that her teacher Jonathan Miller (Martin Freeman) decides to give her a jump on the midterm writing assignment. A failed writer himself frequently cut down by his more successful wife (Dagmara Dominczyk), Jonathan’s mentoring of Cairo brings the two closer than they probably should be, until she turns in a sexually graphic tale about a high school student who seduces her teacher. He denounces it, and her hurtful response is to hand it over to the vice principal to stir up more trouble. We see Jenna as the seductive fictional version of herself, and later she removes her top to reveal a lacy black bra while sharing some sapphic smooches with her overly flirty bestie (Gideon Adlon) for a photo. Dagmara also sports some comely cleavage while she and Freeman make out, but sadly she never frees those titties.